It’s taken a while, but finally my new album is out, released today. It’s a simple collection of my favourite classic nursery rhymes. Obviously, I’ve given them a special little Sing Along With Tony twist!

Check out Incy Wincy Spider and Friends, she is joined by Quainty Dainty Ladybird, Grumpy Plumpy Bumblebee and Dirty Gerty Cockroach. All of these characters have quirky Tony character voices to bring them to life. It sure was a lot of fun to make! And if you need a work out, see if you can keep up with The Grand Old Duke Of York, it gets faster and faster and faster!!

If you like laid back reggae beats have a listen to Mary Had A Little Lamb. I think it’s my favourite track at the moment. The vocals are smooth, the instruments are gentle, the arrangement is clean, it’s a very easy song to listen too. AND it includes all 3 verses, which is a bit rare these days.

If you’re teaching English to very young children you should check out Ran Rain Go Away. I used this with an end of year school production in France. There’s a nice little instrumental break between the simple and repeated lyrics. This was where we had the children do a little dance! The first verse is children dancing, the second verse is children dressed as ‘Mummy and Daddy’ dancing to a Hip Hop beat and the final verse is children dressed as ‘Grandma and Grandpa’ having a boogie to some 1930’s jazz. It was a great success, very cute.

If music really is your thing, you could try teaching Row Row Row Your Boat. It finishes by singing in a round, so two groups sing together, but start at different times. The resulting harmonies are lovely. But it can be difficult for youngsters to grasp.

Anyway, there should be something for everyone on the album. 🙂

Here’s a link to Spotify, PLEASE CHECK IT OUT!!!!

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15 Days Until New Album Released!

Holy Guacamole!

Only 15 days now, until my new album “Nursery Rhymes” is officially released. YIPPPEEEE!!!!

It will be available on all the usual sites: iTunes, Amazon, Spotify etc and I’ll try to put links here on this website. It’s all go! I’m especially proud of the song “Incy Wincy Spider and Friends”. I’ve created new verses to include Incy’s friends Quainty Dainty Ladybird, Grumpy Plumpy Bumblebee and Dirty Gerty Cockroach. I think you’ll love these new characters. You can listen to the song already on YouTube if you can’t wait! A bientôt!

New album released 28th May!
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Hey hey hey!

I’ve got a new song! It’s to help children get through these crazy virus days/daze.

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Famous… in Waipā

The wonderful journos at the great Waipā Post have given me this awesome write up! Thanks Team Waipā! If you have any questions regarding the show or bookings feel free to contact me.

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My first Children’s book!

Yipeee! I’ve finally finished and published my first children’s book. It’s been a long time coming. It’s a simple story about Sid the Spider, set in the bush of Aotearoa New Zealand. Sid likes adventure, a little too much. Fortunately, he has great friends like Wotwot the Huhu Bug, Dizzie Lizzie the Click Beetle and Gareth the Grasshopper who combine their skills to help Sid.

The amazing artwork is done by Coromandel based artist Malcomb Sowerby.

Available exclusively on Amazon, you can purchase the book here…

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