Here’s a SPECTACULAR review of my live show “Crossing the Mid-line”!

On Tuesday 22nd September we were fortunate to have Tony Wyeth come to do a free music and movement show for the New Entrant class of Room 5 at Gate Pa School.

The show was just AWESOME and the children in Room 5 had a blast joining in with the actions! What a delight it was to see the enjoyment on the children’s faces as Tony captured their attention with his music and actions, FUN costumes and cool song characters.

The actions to the songs were carefully choreographed to develop the skill of crossing the midline. Crossing the midline is vital to the development of using both sides of the body together, such as putting on shoes and socks, writing and cutting. It promotes the coordination and communication of the left and right hemispheres of the brain. Tony demonstrated the actions and then practised them with the students before using them with the music. It was great to see all the children giving it a go and having lots of fun while moving and singing to the music.

The children also appreciated the time at the end of the show where they could share their stories and ask Tony questions. What a wonderful show! Thank you so much Tony and the Team at Tauranga City Council for allowing us to have the free show at our school. We would love to have you back again

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