Flashcards are a great resource for teaching vocabulary. With young children, I like to play a game I call “Put Your Finger On…” It’s very simple…

Step 1: With call and response ( I call, children respond) we go through 5-6 Flashcards, making sure of pronunciation.

Step 2: Raise your index finger and teach the word “Finger”

Step 3: Lay the flashcards in a line on the ground or a table, so that everyone can see.

Step 4: Choose a volunteer (never a problem!)

Step 5: Very slowly, so everyone can hear clearly, instruct the volunteer to “Put your finger on…” and say one of the words you are learning. With slow and clear repetition of this phrase, children will also be learning a verb, a possessive pronoun and a preposition! WOW!

If the volunteer puts their finger on the correct flashcard, CELEBRATE and count on your other hand “One!” I like to use the voice of ‘Count Dracula’ from Sesame Street. If they choose the wrong image, be gentle and give them a hint with your eyes. Getting them to succeed is important.

Once they have been through all the flashcards choose another volunteer. This can get competitive, so having fun is paramount!!


Click the link below to download a printable PDF

Flashcards – VEGETABLES